Thursday, October 18, 2012

I Love The Way You Love Me

I haven't seen this coming...
I was sad, frustrated, and so alone
I got high smoking, drinking a glass or two 
(Actually, A mug really...)
But then you came into my life
And there it all ends
And there it all started

Sometimes life can be so funny. The people you love are the same people that disappoint you in ways you can never imagine. What surprises me is how people you don't even know exists are also the same people who will turn your world into a world with so many possibilities. Now, isn't that amazing? Amazing that the one person you thought you've given the chance to love you would turn out to be the person you've been waiting your whole life. 
I am not saying I won't light another cigarette or drink anymore. I am still not stressed free you know. But there are things that I want him to know... "Beyond my flaws and doubts, I love the way you love me..." You are the light I see within my dark clouds. We've talked about how we started just today. Frankly, I don't mind if we cannot figure out when is our anniversary. Or that we don't have it at all. And I will not wait anymore for my so called sign of roses. It's enough for me that you are in my life now. And this will keep me sane from the insane life I am right now.

All I am saying is that... "I love the way you love me..."

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