Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Journey Notes For My Soul

DATE: Feb.14,2011
TIME: 10:42 am

Journey notes for my soul starts now. I have started my 2 weeks of hibernation just last night. What happened to my first day is a secret only me knows. That Tuesday helped me more than I realized. I went to the bus station thinking of going on a long ride. But actually, Baguio is the only place I really wanted to visit. My mama and my ex boyfriend promised me that we will visit this place. I've decided to go on my own. After all, they cannot be with me anymore just like they've promised me.
I wanted to go here in Baguio ever since I was a child. Now, here I am alone in my rented room, with so many thoughts on the back of my mind. When I saw our bus passed the sign board which says "Welcome To Baguio", I cannot help smiling and simply said " Mama I am now here". I have to transfer to another room later because I don't like their bathroom here. Old this place maybe, I am happy I had this trip. I feel like mama is also here with me. She never left me alone after all.
Join my unforgettable journey. I just hope my journey notes for my soul will also serve as an inspiration somehow. I will try my very best to write every details of my day to day search of whatever it is I'm searching. And also hopefully you can in any way relate to my thoughts, worries, and my life.
I've made a rule for myself that I will not use my cell phone or bring a laptop throughout this journey. I've made an exemption last night When I called a friend to say thank you for a memorable night. From now on, no cellphone and no laptop for me. So let my journey start now...