Monday, January 24, 2011

My Transitions

I'm into what they call transitions. Its different now since I know for a fact that I have to go through this if I want changes to take place. I am now aware that everything will have to change eventually. Some people are not aware of this until these changes will hit them straight on their faces. This is why most of us vulnerable to such phases in our lives. We don't understand why we can't just stay where we are all our lives.
I am one of those people, though aware, finds it hard not to be threatened to changes. I seemed to always find the need for someone to be with me if I go to such transition. It comforts me to know that whatever will come, I know there is that one person who will not leave and will always be there for me whatever may come. But now, I feel like nobody is really there all along. I need to get used to the idea of facing life on my own. It's sad though to realize that you know you have someone yet you are still alone.
It is time to learn that you don't need somebody to go on with life's struggles. You just need somebody who will care for you and love you all through the journey you will be taking. That whatever you will need to do, He will be just there beside you all the way. Transitions are inevitable in life. Don't ever be contented that someone will tell you they will love you forever. After all, words are just words. And eventually it will all fade in time. No words can be more powerful than being physically and emotionally present beside you as you go through these changes.