Sunday, April 29, 2012

Watching TV Is What Keeps Me Up

Watching TV is what keeps me up these days. People who have known the real me would not believe this at all. I don't even believe this myself. But here I am now, presently in front of the television while I write my thoughts. I know this is the right time to write while trying to understand my recent addiction.I have so many problems that I have to deal with since my mom passed away last year. I don't know where to start or how to move on. I feel so alone that watching TV is what keeps me up and makes me sane these days. I am so afraid of pouring my heart to anyone, afraid that they would either judge me or they would not listen at all. So when a Drama movie is on, I cry myself out just to relieve some pressure in my heart. I would also try to watch Comedy films and laugh till I cry. Sane or insane, it's what I do now. Hopefully, I can stop from this addiction and start learning to move on and start to be living my life again. For now, watching TV is what keeps me up till the time I realize what is fiction from reality.