Monday, April 14, 2014

Fall For You

I never thought I would fall for you. I never saw this coming. I'm trying to tell myself to stop what started. But my heart tells me not to give you up. Love always comes with pain. Pains that I can handle as long as you are here by my side. I think this maybe the last time I would fall just like this. Fall for you means the last journey I would take before leaving this world. I just hope that the time we share would be all worth it. Worth the pain and the worries I am feeling right now. The pain I am feeling seems endless. But somehow all of these pains keep giving me the courage to keep on loving you much more than I can imagine.
I never really expected to fall for you. But I am sure now that I will never give up loving you till the end. I just hope you feel the same way I do. Promise me that I have your present and your future. And I promise that I will be yours till the end of my life. So let the journey begins.