Friday, December 28, 2012

Love And All The Lies

Men would always want to take charge of the lives of women. But a real woman knows how to twist things around seamlessly. Admit it, as a woman you are strong, confident, and not afraid of almost anything. Want to know a secret? Here it is... A lot of times you will let your man feel that you're vulnerable, and incapable of doing things without him beside you. Am I right or am I right?
It's funny when you say you never lied to your partner. But when you really think about it, you sometimes do right? It's a way to make them feel that they're somewhat in control of our lives when in fact we do. This makes life more interesting and balance all at the same time. 
Looking forward to making another lie... And with it comes another endless days of cuddling and never ending longing for each other's comfort and love. They say it's an endless road. I say, my road is now coming to an end. I don't have the luxury to waste my time. Just keep going and while walking that road, keep things simple. Love the way you want to love. Enjoy every minute with someone you love, with lies or no lies. Enjoy life as you take the road that will soon come to an end.

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