Sunday, March 11, 2012

Is There Someone Out There For Me?

Is there someone out there for me? This is my question for myself for a few months now. I have been trying to erase this question from my mind. But the more I try, the more it sinks in. So now I know I need to face this fact. I maybe simple to please, and easy to love, yet it doesn't change the fact that I am still alone and nothing, even me, can change that. And now, I am stopping from trying to change this fact. I don't want to exert effort again just trying to be loved. 
My heart will stop beating for now; my walls will guard me from this day on. My wishful thinking? That after me posting these thoughts of mine, someone out there will hear what my heart is telling him. And finally realize that I am just here all along for him. He will hear my question from the heart; the question: Is there someone out there for me?


  1. Sure you have somebody for you. Sometimes the best things take a little while longer to come, but when it finally arrives, it's gonna be more than what you expected. Wag lang bibitiw. Good things come to those who wait.

    Baka makalimutan ko: You are very lovable.

  2. I ask myself that question every day. Is there someone out there for me ??? I got my heart broken this year by someone that I really cared about but I guess he did not feel da same way. Love is hard thing to do in da first place an doin it again after being rejected is even more hard.Ppl tell me how pretty , sweet , caring and smart I am an all I can think about if I'm all those things why you could not love me da way I love you. Was I really that bad to be with ????? I go to bed crying every night an wake up sad every morin. when someone puts there self out there you can't let them fall bc it might be very hard to them to get back up. But one thing I do know I will never do to anyone what you did to me not even my worst enemy.

  3. I don't understand how someone can hold you in there arms an lie to you so much an fake that their ever cared about you. Some ppl ar just sick , if you know you don't want to be with someone don't pull them alone along just let go , do da right thing hav a heart bc karma is a BITCH an ur not goin to like it when someone does it to you.