Monday, July 4, 2011

Journey Notes For My Soul 2

April 5,2011
Dining area/Room 302

Drinking beer and eating chips was my thing tonight. I have so many realizations tonight. That I felt I needed to get a little tipsy just to absorb some of it. To be frank, I can say I am happy now. These passed days have helped me a lot as much as you can imagine. Thoughts of him still lingers right inside my body, even, my soul. But that doesn't change anything. I am now forgiving him and I am happy that  at a short time, it was amazing. 

A lot of friends helped me out through my lonely days when my mother was sick till she passed away. I am thankful to all of them. All in all, my few days alone were all worth it. I am now a woman that can face everything whatever comes along the way. A smile just came visibly on my face. A sure sign that I am happy writing this and sharing it to all of you.

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