Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Journey To Life"

I was left on my own just now after my kids went to bed. I felt the need to write again. I've been into my deep thoughts again for consecutive nights now. It was really exhausting since all thoughts are just from just one thing. My life now and my life before I've decided to leave my house and the person I always thought to be my life time partner. Sometimes I can't help but wonder if right decisions were made at the right time in my life. Well, who would have known that I would be here alone writing at this time when for the past years I didn't think of anything else but clean the dishes or watching television while waiting for him to come home from work. I didn't expect this at all. But I am now here and I am not regretting every decisions I have made. My world now is new to me. But I am getting used to the idea of being on my own for now.
It's quite amazing that you have the strength and the courage to face every changes in life.It will surely be a hard and long process but I know for a fact that it will be worth the while. You will surely feel like these things are really needed so you will finally have the chance not to be better but to be the best that you can possibly be. And from here you can see clearly where you want to go and what else is missing that you want to achieve. This is what I call my endless journey to life. With every journey I'm into, I always make sure that I have something I can bring as weapon to whatever circumstances I may be. It's the unconditional love that I have been giving since my first journey.And I will still continue to give this  unconditional love out till my last journey to life. 

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