Friday, October 22, 2010

"Promises You Can't Keep"

Do promises you can't keep ring a bell? As a child, you've heard your parents or relatives say that they will promise you something if you will be good. One way or the other, they will give you what they have promised, good or not. But as you start to grow and have the chance to mingle with other people promises are sometimes the hard things to fulfill. Maybe we need to think beforehand what we know we can do and cannot do before opening our mouths. Am I right?
As I was sipping my wine and writing, I had the idea of enumerating some of the promises that I've heard but were never done. But after my last gulp of my wine, I've stopped. Why bother myself from thinking about these people who have the nerve to make such promises when they know they were the one who will break it first? I am happy to realize that I am not one of them. Even when my kids were just little, I have made sure that whenever the word promise goes out from my mouth; I always make it sure that I keep it. I wanted them to know the value of it. It was not really hard to do because I have learned from my past that words are such powerful tool that will help our children be guided until such time that they will start their own lives.
Your trust to a person will be very much affected if promises were made but they have decided to break it. I pity those people who do not deserve such trust. You may think you have the things you will ever want now. But always remember that love, trust, and promises you can't keep go hand in hand. Without these things, you will never be completely happy.

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