Thursday, July 15, 2010

Experience Life And Make Memories

A storm just passed yesterday which led to no electricity, and of course no internet connection. This maybe the most dragging day I've experienced since last year. And this event gave me ample of time to think about my life now. I've survived a lot of struggles these past few months. And I find it really amazing that I am still smiling like the way I used to. I can see now my life slowly taking the path that I've chosen. I know the "now" concept that I'm living now is somewhat unrealistic for others who are always thinking of what the future will bring to them. But for me, this was the only solution I can think of to let myself have the chance to experience life one day at a time. I can say that now I am stronger and braver as days passed. 
Surviving incidents coming in and out of my life serves now as my tools in fulfilling the life I want to achieve. My only goal really is to know the real me. And the feeling of contentment follows after this. I don't really need expensive things to buy. I just want a simple but a memorable life. I am taking my sweet time to experience life and make memories that will last me my lifetime. I have learned that the real achievement a person can have is that there will be good times you can remember and relay to others when your already old. These good memories will serve as testimonies to all the journeys that I was happy to have gone through.

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