Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dream Of Mine

I've been watching a personal video from my former classmate when I felt sudden sadness within me. Is there really a "forever " in loving a person? This is just one of those nights when I feel so alone. All I wanted then was simple life with the man I love. But I was surprised when that dream of mine was completely thrown out of the garbage and I guess not to be seen again. My question is how can you start to have that same dream again when you know it doesn't seem to exist? Will it just be a waste of time to try my luck all over again? I want to say to myself that everything will fall into their places in time. I don't know how or when, I just have the feeling it will soon. I have no answers to all of my questions yet. But for now, I will go on living and loving the best possible way I can. I will accept whatever pain and happiness that will come out of my decisions from now on. I am not afraid to be alone again. I am just sad that I know that the time will come. It will be a dragging process just like before. But I am hoping that I will stay stronger and love some more. And most of all, I know in my heart that this dream of mine will come true.

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  1. You can take responsibility for your dream because NOW is when you are dreaming it. Now is the dream you are having even when you call it by the name of time and Now is how you wake up. So does anyone see how the time is NOW for any DREAM??? Its NOW WAY!!!!

    nightie night slumbering mortal, sweet dreams...