Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Road To Happiness

An early morning as always, while sipping a hot cup of coffee, my mind started to drift away again. After that, it felt like the 90's again. I was young and full of life . I didn't care then what my future would be. I got almost everything girl my age wished for. It was an easy life for me. As I was finishing my coffee, I smiled while recalling my life. It's amazing how time flies so fast. And it is also amazing how simple things back then give you so much joy. 
I'm now here again to start another journey in my life. I am now through living my life always trying to please people around me. This journey now is all about finding me and taking the pleasure of being alone in this road into my inner happiness. I know I won't be alone literally because I have my family and friends looking after me. But I know I have to be alone determining what, where, when, and how I can achieve whatever I want out of what's left with my life. This is my journey to love, happiness, and LIFE...

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