Sunday, September 23, 2012

Is It Really Love?

Another time to listen to my thoughts. Is it really love? I have asked myself so many times and still I doubt even my own feelings. There are so many questions like "Why do i fall in love so easily?', "Will this love last?", " Is he the right one for me?" These are just few of the questions I am hearing right now inside my head. If only I can stop worrying too much and just feel.
This is another time when almost everything in my life seems down and hopeless. I cry a lot when nobody is looking. And I cannot deny that I am slowly weakening as day's passes me by. I am so afraid where this would lead me. But somehow when all is lost, I found him. A person that keeps me up when I am about to give up. For now, I found him and I am crossing my fingers that  he will stay till the end.
I have come to realize one thing while writing this post. Most of the time the mind cannot explain what the heart can. Only the heart understands while the mind is left wondering what is happening. Is it really love? I don't really know. I just know I am happy. That is all that matters to me now.

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