Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Journey Notes For My Soul 1

April 14, 2011
Dining Hall

My plan of staying in my room for almost the entire week did not push through. I have realized that their so called dining place with round tables and wooden chairs make me feel so comfortable and relaxed. I think I have come to the right place where I can free my mind and soul from everything that's been bothering me.

Faces such as the girl in the front desk would top all the good things surrounding this place. I felt like I have been here before. And I at home at last. It was quite amazing  just how in the world did I find this place for just a short time last night. Now, I am here writing for my journey notes, while sipping a hot cup of coffee and a cigar on my left hand, music filled this place. And can you believe, jazz? Which is just the right touch to this moment of  my night alone. Tell me what else can I possibly ask for right now?

My thoughts are filled with my ex boyfriend since the time my eyes opened this morning. I cannot help but wonder what would I be doing at this time if he's here with me. Well, except for endless love making, we could be just sitting just right where I am now and talk about what I see now. Or maybe I could ask him if we could go out and see Baguio during the night. Now stop!!! I am getting into that crazy "what ifs" again. He just doesn't care anymore. So why should I? But really, I just do.

Reminder for me, My journey involves getting over him and to just let him go not just physically but to let go of him here in my heart. I want to stop reminiscing about what had been and what could have been. I just also hope that the hurt will be gone for good.

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