Tuesday, December 1, 2009

“Man’s Search for Deeper meaning of Life”

As we moved into the next generation of computers, and electronic gadgets, man struggle to keep up every day learning and finding out how to use these to their own advantage. Sometimes I see people either hooked up with these things or they are overwhelmed with ideas in front of them. I’ve seen these things before in the late 90’s. When computers were first introduced in schools and offices. I’m one of those students who were really fascinated with soft touched typing pad. I would say it is better than my typewriter with hard set of keys. While I recall those fascinated years of my life, one thing passed my mind. People will try to keep up in many ways according to what he is expected to. But never listen inside his heart what really matters the most to him just to have that feeling of contentment he longs for. We deny ourselves of the freedom to feed not just or body and mind but also our souls. Learning to free ourselves once in a while with our daily routines of meetings and deadlines will simply do the trick. Take the time off even for just 10 to 15minutes to have a quiet time to relax your body and mind. Free yourself for a while from all these fast phase of life and learn to take the time to listen to YOU. Man is always in search for a deeper meaning of life. But only in his heart can he see what lies beneath those superficial things the world offers him. We cannot see the meaning of life because we tend to keep up with the times. But just simple minutes of contemplating and a simple prayer or two will help him see the meaning of life he is looking for.

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